Out & Equal Workplace Summit – San Francisco, CA

Out & Equal Workplace Summit

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Moscone Center West
Workshop Presenter
San Francisco, CA
Wednesday, November 5, 2014, Session 3: 11:00am-12:30pm

Gender Transitions 101: Two different perspectives; one universal messageTerri headshot - cropped

Terri is a mother, engineer, and author of Allies & Angels, who learned the child she¬†thought was her daughter is really her son. Terri shares her family’s journey supporting their son’s transition from female-to-male. The story integrates Trans 101 content and highlights the company practices, policies and environment that allowed Terri and her husband to excel in the workplace.

DhillonKhoslaDhillon, an attorney, lecturer, and author of memoir Both Sides Now will share the story of his medical transition from female-to-male while at the federal courts in the 1990s, and how his use of personal language has helped bridge both political and religious divides.

Together they will convey the core message that the path towards self-acceptance is not only universal, but enhanced by mutual alliances.

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