Providing Welcoming and Affirming Care for Transgender People

Pre-Conference Professional Development Workshop


Join us for an informative session on Providing Welcoming and Affirming Care for Transgender People led by Maureen Kelly of Out for Health on Friday, March 18th, 9:30 am-2:30 pm at the Binghamton University Downtown Center, 67 Washington Street, for an audience of faculty, staff, students, and regional educational and health and human services professionals. $12 advance registration fee includes lunch. The talk will be open to the entire community.

Title: Providing Welcoming and Affirming Care for Transgender People

Do you work with transgender, genderqueer, or gender expansive people? Would you like to gain new tools, strategies and resources as you work to support them and provide them with the best care possible? This professional development workshop, led by Maureen Kelly of Out for Health, Planned Parenthood’s LGBT Health and Wellness Program, is intended for educators, primary care providers, mental health practitioners, and human service professionals who wish to create optimal therapeutic and caregiving spaces for transgender, genderqueer, gender expansive, and gender questioning people.

Abstract: Bias, discrimination, and exclusion are all too common, albeit often unintentional, when transgender and genderqueer people seek care, support, resources and information. This workshop will provide concrete ways in which counselors, therapists, and educators can create welcoming and affirming care and learning environments for transgender and genderqueer people. Participants will receive ample resources, concrete tools and techniques, and an opportunity for discussion about this important topic.