Philadelphia Trans Health Conference

I hope to see you at the conference this year, where I will be presenting a workshop and selling/signing books.
Please stop by my table to say hi and introduce yourself!

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This will be my 6th year at the Philly Trans Health Conference!  This conference is where we found the answers, resources, friends, support, and professionals WE needed, as parents, to save our son’s life.  I love returning each year to see old friends and meet new ones.

Parents as Advocates for Change

Thursday, 2:15pm – 3:15pm,  Room 121B

Workshop Description: Many transgender individuals have supportive families, yet their lives remain at risk because we live in a society that has a long way to go. Parents can be effective agents of change throughout their children’s lives. As a parent or family member, you want to advocate for trans equality (as well as more public understanding and acceptance.) However, you may wonder how to be an effective agent of change. If your child is young, you may be busy supporting their transition and being their advocate at school. This can feel overwhelming at times, leaving you with little time or energy for advocacy. If your child is stealth, you may wonder how you can be an advocate. Or you may feel passionate about social justice and passing legislation, but your child wants you to “keep a low profile.” These, and other obstacles, can leave a parent or family member wondering what they can do to advocate for legal protections and transgender equality. Join us as we discuss how parents can be effective advocates for change, while still respecting and protecting their loved ones. In this interactive workshop we’ll discuss skills and strategies parents can use to be advocates for their children. Topics to be explored include why it’s important to be an advocate, overcoming obstacles to advocacy, and examples of what parents can do, big and small, in their homes, community, schools, medical offices, workplace, and political arena. Participants will leave with tools and resources to become better advocates for change.

About the presenter, Terri Cook: Terri Cook is the proud mom of a transgender child who transitioned at the age of 15. Co-author of the book, “Allies and Angels: A Memoir of Our Family’s Transition,” Terri is dedicated to opening hearts and minds by sharing her family’s life-changing journey. She speaks at conferences, corporations, colleges and community organizations across the country. As she shares her family’s experience supporting their son’s transition, Terri offers best practices for schools, medical professionals and workplaces — and helps audiences understand transgender identities. For several years Terri co-facilitated a support group for the parents of transgender and gender-questioning youth. She is a founding member of Family Allies for Transgender Equality in New York State (FATE-NYS) and spent many years working with a state-wide coalition seeking legislation that protects transgender New Yorkers. Terri spent most of her career at Lockheed Martin, where she was a project engineer and Pride ERG Lead.