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Here are some things you can expect when you read the book.

  • Learn how a previous crisis was a blessing—preparing us to love and accept our son when he came out.
  • See how a brief conversation with an ally made a huge difference throughout our journey.
  • Find compassion for a child who was once happy, then became so distraught he tried to end his life in middle school.
  • Listen to how proud parents reached out to therapists, friends, and school staff for help.
  • Consider something good about the internet that’s so scary it’s hard to accept.
  • Watch how we struggled to start over more than once—converging on the truth and a better life.
  • Get our take on the media coverage of transgender issues and how it affected our family.
  • Experience our turning point as parents in accepting, understanding and supporting our transgender son.
  • Read how Chaz Bono, Donna Rose, Kade and others gave our son a chance at childhood in his affirmed gender.
  • Appreciate how a youth center makes a difference—and saved our son.
  • Recognize how a top employer was an ally and got it right—supporting its employees through crisis.
  • Observe the life-saving actions, as well as opportunities for growth, we encountered in the medical community.
  • Understand more about transition, social and medical, through our experience.
  • Get answers to the questions many people ask us—about how we could allow our son, a child, to make decisions and irreversible changes to his body.