Discount Codes

We are proud to donate $1 to the Q Center for every book sold. If you use one of the discount codes below, we’ll donate an additional $1 to the organization you choose plus you’ll get FREE shipping!

A box for discount codes is provided when you checkout.

Discount Code: QCENTER2013

Discount Code: TransParent2013

Discount Code: TransKidsPRF

** Does your organization want to promote Allies & Angels, offer free shipping to your supporters, and raise funds? Contact us to get your own Discount Code … and help us increase awareness and compassion!

The “fine print”:

Discount codes above apply to every item in your order. (For example  buy 5 books, we’ll donate 10 additional dollars… $5 to the Q Center and $5 to the organization whose code you enter… and ALL 5 books ship free to the same address.)

Discount codes cannot be combined.

Sorry, free shipping is only within the U.S. However, if you are outside the U.S., contact us and mention the organization above you wish to support. We will provide a $ discount to you (in lieu of free shipping) and will make a donation to your selected organization.